Thursday, July 31, 2014

RAK ~ Random Acts of Kindness

Many things shared on Face Book have value.  Ok, I skip anything regarding political views, regardless of which party is trying to invite me to join their games, but many of the posts do make me stop and think.  

As a child, I tried to memorize the Ten Commandments for a Sunday school assignment.  After the first five, I had trouble keeping the order straight.  My Grandpa Vaughn was a preacher and taught me to read from the Bible. I knew that Adam and Eve left Eden as a punishment and why Noah built the Ark. I did not want God mad at me if I forgot His commandments.

Then my amazing Grandma Lucy calmed my fears.  She explained that if I learned and lived the Golden Rule, to treat others as I wanted to be treated, that God would be happy.  By following that one rule, I would pretty much cover all of the Big Ten.

This is the recent post on Face Book that grabbed my attention and won’t let go.  It is one simple sentence that expresses the Golden Rule as an idea that can have tremendous impact on many. 

I purchased a journal type book to record my daily "feel good deeds." I hope my actions will make others feel good and I know it will help me. Writing things down helps me track what is important especially when overwhelmed with everyday stuff. And when, not if, I miss a day, I will remember to catch up. Also on those days when I do not feel like being nice to anyone including myself, it will remind me of my goal.   

Will my actions actually change 365 lives?  Probably not in a big way or for a significant period of time, but each day, I will connect with another soul and we will share a moment that for me will be pleasantly memorable.

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