Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Birthday !!!!!

May 1992

January 16, 1992 the world changed forever, Joshua James William Skaug was born. You were eager to explore life. You wore your dad's baby shoes to attend your first dance at four months old.

You've explored dreams of what to be when you grew up. Work as a model? Nah, too much standing around waiting on others.

Join a gang and be an outlaw? No, you can't help it, you are a good guy. Perhaps become a martial arts expert? You tried it for a few years then it stopped being fun. Maybe a magician? You were a terrific assistant. 

Dreaming with Wally / Savage Talent / Old Tucson Studios / Kempo class / A Magical Birthday

A chef is a tasteful choice, you published three cookbooks by 13 years old. Stretch your creativity as a writer; your talent impressed Michael Blake, the academy award winner for best screenplay Dances with Wolves.

Sahuarita Sun newspaper / At a writing event with Michael Blake

Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile 
You've had many fun experiences to feed a hungry imagination. You played basketball with the drivers of the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile parked in front of our home.

You explored the Star Trek Enterprise and sat in the Captain's chair, and even survived a Borg attack.

Star Trek Experience in the Las Vegas Hilton

Whatever you decide, I bet it will involve music. You have performed in various choirs since 2nd grade and earned an invitation to sing in an honor choir at Chico State. 
The Producers cast named you the best singer in the play.

Chico High Choir / playing a box harp / The Producers cast

Now, you are attending college and uncertain as to a degree. Know that whatever you do in life, your Dad and I will be excited for you. We will be and always have been proud of you. We love you.

Josh and Gabe, his best friend / Kissing Bella, the dolphin / Hugging cousin Christy

Happy Birthday Josh!

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