Saturday, May 11, 2013

Modesto High School Class of 1973

     The Modesto High School Class of 1973 is holding a 40th reunion on July 27th.  I am not planning it, but I am playing Sherlock Holmes to track down classmates to share the news.              Reunion Information

     Research helped me reconnect with “old” friends from my youth.  It also led to obituaries of former classmates, Linda Walker Freng and Trena Robinson Cambron.  They were part of a group that took turns hosting parties where none of us drank alcohol, smoked or took drugs.  We did play spin the bottle … a lot.  Our early teen years were so innocent compared to today.

     My 58th birthday was this week.  I am no longer young and unless I can figure a way to live to 116, I’m not even middle-aged.  I cherish memories of my youth and those dear souls who shared the adventures that made me who I am now.  

     Two classmates died before we graduated and since then eleven others that I know of.  Life is not finite, so let's stay connected to share old memories and make new ones.

All hail to thee, Modesto High; 
Let not thy soaring echoes die.
In black and crimson majesty, 
Thy colors stand for victory.
Thy loyal sons and daughters raise 
To thee in ever reverent praise.
A song sent singing to the sky: 
All hail to thee, MODESTO HIGH


  1. I never even played spin the bottle.

    I hope the reunion will be very fun and memorable. That's a great theme song; it makes me feel proud of Modesto High, and I went to high school hundreds of miles away.

    Take care, Teri.

    1. Robyn,

      It is never too late to play Spin the Bottle. A classmate's Mom provided the bottle and explained the rules, JUST kissing in public. Later we added the game, "7 minutes in Heaven" Yes, Modesto High was a terrific school with teachers and staff that truly cared about the students. I hope that is still the case.

  2. Have fun at your reunion! Thanks for replying on my blog. :-)