Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Red and White Flannel

     Grandma Lucy was a seamstress. She created beautiful clothes for those who wanted to wear something original. For many years, she presented her fourteen grandchildren with homemade pajamas for Christmas. The material was always red and white flannel and the pjs were always too big. Grandma believed kids clothes should have room for growing bodies.

     Each Christmas Eve, my brothers, sister and I opened one present. The rest had to wait until the next morning. Mom selected the packages and we knew they contained new sleepwear made by Grandma. The only surprise was the design printed on the flannel and if the buttons would be red or white. 

     As a young girl, I did not appreciate the hours of time Grandma spent sitting bent over her Singer machine sewing for fourteen different sized kids. After Grandma moved to heaven, I remembered her gifts made with so much love. I shared the memories with my husband and son. Last Christmas, they gave me red and white flannel pajamas. I received gifts that were more expensive, but none as thoughtful. When I wear the red top and striped pants, I feel loved by not only my husband and son, but by Grandma.

     What were some of your favorite gifts and or memories of Christmas?

Christmas 1957 with cousin Kathy, brother Jerry, me, and Grandma holding cousin Jean


  1. I like how you wrote that she "moved to heaven."

  2. Sweet memories. My mom used to sew dresses for me. I got to pick out the fabric and watch her sit at the Singer making clickety-clack sounds. It was always so exciting to try them on.


  3. Grandma made many beautiful dresses for me over the years and my Barbie dolls wore elegant originals made from the scraps of fabric purchased for Grandma's well-heeled clients. I now own her Singer sewing machine.