Saturday, July 14, 2012

Facebook is not perfect, but ...

... it helped me locate long time friends.

As I write, Mom is enjoying a phone call with Billie & Fred, a couple she and Dad met over 50 years ago.  We were neighbors in Merced and when we moved away, they stayed in touch.  Over time, the contact was less frequent, but the friendship endured.  Last time they talked, Billie told Mom her family was moving out of state. The two couples lost touch completely.  With Facebook, I searched through the names.  Thanks to the photo they posted, I found them and sent a message.  This morning, the phone rang and it was Billie.  It is wonderful to hear Mom laugh as she catches up with these good friends. 
I’m old enough that I’ve lost contact with friends too.   I wonder about their lives and hope they are healthy and happy.  If we spoke, we may discover that now we have little in common, but the friendship we shared is still very precious to me. 

Sammy, David, Janine, Mary and Linda we were not born family, we chose to be.  I miss you and only wish the very best for all of you.  Contact me sometime, I’m on facebook.


  1. It's nice to read not only your blog, but this post about your mom and dear friends. Facebook's reconnected me with dear friends from decades ago, along with family I'd lost touch with. For that, I thank Mr. Z. and his team.


  2. Regardless of one's age, it's easy to lose track of friends through the distance and time. Social media put me in touch with family I didn't even know I had!

  3. Tara & Robyn,

    Facebook has helped me find relatives too. It has made geneaology research much easier.

    Thanks for commenting