Monday, February 13, 2012

Gift Suggestions

Women start offering hints months before a birthday, anniversary or other gift giving opportunity.  Of course, if the man actually asks, "What do you want?" the woman will reply, "Nothing" or "Anything from you, Dear." Only the most naive of men believe that. 

A woman spends hours considering the perfect gift for her man.  So guys do not expect to get away with wilted flowers and a dented box of chocolate.  If you have been in a relationship for a while, you should know that appliances and exercise equipment do not qualify as gifts of love.  Does that ruin your surprise?  Well, studs, I’m going to solve your dilemma.  I will explain in simple terms what women really want. 

Typical gifts of flowers, candy, perfume, lingerie, and the ever-popular jewelry are a safe bet to bring smiles, hugs and thank you kisses.  However, if you really want to please the lady in your life, consider the following.  

1.     Living with someone who will NOT ignore her would make any female happy.  To be asked for her ideas and opinions and then to have her responses listened to and seriously considered is an exciting gift.  Couples do not always have to agree, but they should be willing to respect each other's views.    

2.     A woman wants to be kissed good morning and good night each day without having to ask for it or to instigate the kiss.  When couples go their separate ways during the day, a woman wants to be blessed with a goodbye kiss and then welcomed back with a kiss that lets her know she was missed. 

3.     A woman wants to be told that she is beautiful before she puts on her makeup, to be touched and held just because, not because it will lead to sex. 

4.     A woman wants a lover, who is also her best friend, someone she trusts and is comfortable with so she can be herself.  She needs a partner who can be depended on to tell the truth, even when the truth is upsetting.  Trust is more important than a lie told to avoid having a discussion.  Besides, make up sex can be good too.

To give your lady pleasure, buy whatever you think will bring a smile to her face.  To give her joy, give yourself.  Your time is best spent when you spend it with someone you love. 


  1. If only every straight man (or just the ones I date) would take your advice, the world (or just my world) would be a much happier place.

    Great post, my friend!

  2. Thanks Robyn, Good luck with your world or at least the men in it.

  3. I'm not afraid to ask for what I want! I don't want to ever hold a grudge....

  4. But it definitely is nice to be appreciated and to get those kisses unexpectedly! I know I'm hard to read sometimes, so I've learned to be explicit and my hubby knows to ask how I'm feeling and what I want if he's not sure. We're spending Valentine's together at the movies and eating chocolate!

  5. The "Best" gift that a partner can give is of themselves! You know I enjoy flowers, perfume, lingerie and jewelry.......but let me know that you love me and truly care, and I am happy!! Give me that good morning kiss, and that hello kiss when I get home, and really want to and you have me forever :-)

    1. Dee, I know you have a man who really understands how tomake women happy.