Thursday, July 14, 2011

Earning a Paycheck

If I want a job, I must apply for the position, schedule an interview and impress the boss enough to be hired.

Imagine that instead of showing up at my new office and performing the job I said I wanted, I begin a campaign for a new career. I miss work and delegate tasks that I am being paid to handle. How long will my employer tolerate my behavior?

This is what happens when a politician decides to switch jobs before his current term is completed. Presidential candidates are not among the unemployed. Most are already committed to work as a governor, senator or representative. They spent tremendous sums of other people’s money for a job they claimed they wanted. Then they decide to travel the country for months, begging for a new position. What happens to the issues they were hired to handle, the problems they promised to solve? Is it fair for candidates to receive paychecks for a job they abandoned?

My opinion is NO. Politicians are employees, a campaign is an interview and the voters are the employers. Like all other employees, they need to complete the job they agreed to do or resign. Then they will can run for election to a new office and not before.

Let me know what you think.

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