Thursday, July 7, 2011

Arizona Jewels

Like trumpeters heralding royalty, wrens greet the morning sun
Their song proclaims the advent of water colored skies
Rose and lavender splashes on an eastern canvas

The sun hangs on a turquoise canopy
Glistening off stones with topaz and amber specks
Radiant sands reflecting warmth and light

Circling hawks glide on the wind
Playing tag amid chameleon clouds
Pearlescent orbs cast free to drift

Plants pose in shades of green, deep malachite to pale jade
Quartz blossoms shimmer in peach, yellow and pink,
Fragile beauties defended by needles and thorns

Newborn calves dot the fields
Bright white faces, scruffy coats and wobbly legs
Challenge gravity to reach a first meal

Roadrunners, quail and rabbits edge the roads
Coyotes emerge then dissolve magically into tangled brush
Feathers and fur decorating the dusty ribbons of red clay

Arizona, a richly colored land
Mother Earth adorned in wealth,
a palette ablaze with the warmth of life.